Liquid, its like Jinja, but not

So in my recent foray into templating languages I ran across liquid.

It has many of the halmarks of Jinja2, however its only kind of similar.

Jinja2 is handy because so many pythonisms can come through.

For instance:

Take the string, ‘debug-this-pal’

In Python


would yield you: ‘debug’

In Jinja2 is not terribly different:

{{ string.split('-')[0] }}

See what I mean, just a few curly braces!

Liquid disagrees.

Granted, liquid is based on Ruby, whereas Jinja2 is based on python, but take the following ruby:


Whoa. It’s literally the exact same as the python. That’s handy.

Now we diverge. You see liquid isn’t interested in being that handy.

{{ string.split("-") | first }}

Juuuust similar enough to ruin your (my) day.

No referencing the index position inline.

In fact, as near I can tell if you wanted anything but the first or last element of the newly created list/array you’d have to use two lines!

{% assign split_list = string.split("-") %}
{{ split_list[1] }}

Which, from the aforementioned string, would yield ‘this’.

The fact that the backbone of this blog makes use of liquid is a source of crankiness at the moment.

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