Hello World!

A penny for my thoughts?

More like a dollar and I’ll shut the hell up.

This page is a collection of my thoughts and notes to myself, however it is here for you as well, should you find value in it*.

Mainly I’ll be documenting the minutia that bites me in the ass and other fun/random stuff.

*Warranty not expressed or implied, mileage may vary, don’t put forks in electrical outlets, pay your taxes, etc, etc.

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Self Service with Satellite

less than 1 minute read

Recently I had a customer who was running into some legacy infrastructure challenges with VM consistency, meeting (internal) customer expectations, and gener...

Winning with Soft Tokens

2 minute read

Well, I’d call that a sabbatical, but I think that would mean I was relaxing. Time to revive this thing (again).

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Using Powershell and Posh-SSH to GSD.

5 minute read

I’m a guy who thinks you should use the right tool for the job. For instance, if you’re in a Windows environment, and you need to script something, installi...

iDrac, RACADM, sshpass, and BASH

8 minute read

If it were up to me, I suppose that the only thing that I’d really be responsible for would be core networking infrastructure (and consumption of craft brews...

Dynamic DNS and you

3 minute read

Okay, so I know the popular thing with network engineers is to remember the IP of EVERYTHING.  I’m pretty good at it too.  But having a lab at home and needi...

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